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Frequently Asked Questions

It is recommended to clean the filters every two weeks to maintain optimal performance and air quality. Regular cleaning helps in preventing dust buildup and ensures efficient operation of the unit.

It is advisable to have your air conditioning system professionally serviced at least once a year. Regular maintenance can help detect potential issues early, ensure the system runs efficiently, and extend its lifespan.

Yes, ducted air conditioning systems can be zoned to control different areas of your home or office separately. This allows for greater energy efficiency and personalized comfort by only cooling or heating the areas in use.

A multi-room air conditioning system consists of one outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor units placed in different rooms. Each indoor unit can be controlled independently, providing customized climate control for each room.

Ceiling cassette units offer several benefits, including even air distribution, discreet installation that blends with the ceiling, and quiet operation. They are ideal for spaces where wall or floor space is limited.

Yes, modern floor console air conditioning units are designed to be energy efficient. They provide effective heating and cooling while consuming less energy, making them a cost-effective option for maintaining indoor comfort.